As per the report, the supernova is the closest stellar explosion detected from the Earth in a decade (NewScientists )

Space scientists are observing a new supernova for possible radio signals from aliens as it expects an advanced civilization to communicate with Earth, space website NewScientist said on Friday. Astronomers are suggesting to use of supernovas as recently a supernova dubbed SN 2023ixf was found 21 million light years away from Earth. As per the report, the supernova is the closest stellar explosion detected from the Earth in a decade.

The new report comes days after a study revealed that narrow-frequency radio pulses can be a method to communicate across long distances and can be used during the search for an alien civilization. The study published in Astronomical Journal talks about software developed by a researcher at Cornell University to detect these repetitive frequency patterns, said.

“Until now, radio SETI has primarily dedicated its efforts to the search for continuous signals,” study coauthor Vishal Gajjar of the SETI Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the search for intelligent life in the universe, said in a statement according to

“Our study sheds light on the remarkable energy efficiency of a train of pulses as a means of interstellar communication across vast distances. Notably, this study marks the first-ever comprehensive endeavor to conduct in-depth searches for these signals,” Vishal added. 

Central region of Milky Way

The scientists are actively monitoring the central region of the Milky Way because it contains a high concentration of stars and potentially habitable exoplanets. Additionally, if there are intelligent aliens situated at the core of our galaxy and they wished to communicate with other parts of the Milky Way, they could transmit signals that would reach a wide range of planets, benefiting from their advantageous position at the galactic center. 

According to Steve Croft, a co-author of the study and a project scientist involved in the Breakthrough Listen program, an effective method for these aliens to make their presence known would involve utilizing narrow bandwidths and repeated patterns. This particular combination is highly improbable to occur naturally, making it a prominent means for aliens to reveal themselves.

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Updated: 11 Jun 2023, 07:03 AM IST

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