N.S. Nappinai on AI and the law | A keyhole preview of the laws for AI

India has to find its foothold in evolving laws that align with security and protective needs and also in facilitating business growth by fostering certainty and trust

(Illustration by Nilanjan Das / AI)

N.S. Nappinai

ISSUE DATE: Jan 15, 2024 | UPDATED: Jan 5, 2024 22:08 IST

“Real or fake?” The oft-repeated question boomed across households glued to stories of obscene or defamatory celebrity deepfakes. ChatGPT had already made Artificial Intelligence dinner table conversation-worthy. Copyright and personality violation claims, misinformation, defamation and fabricated cases being presented due to “AI hallucinations” have led to several cases being filed against generative AI developers. With cases of AI abuse capturing headlines, it is no surprise that the clamour for strict laws or regulations to curb abuse have taken centre stage. The positive use of AI runs the risk of being lost in this noise. Clearly, a legislative tightrope awaits us—one that calls for balancing innovation, growth and harnessing economic benefits with combating crimes or violations.

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