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Home to homecare, travel to consumables, a whole economy is springing up around the needs of India’s senior citizenry, helping them live life on their own terms

Ghanshyam and Namrata Rathi, who moved to Antara in Dehradun in 2020; (Photo: Bandeep Singh)

There is an air of excitement at Dehradun’s Antara Senior Living theatre. The 30-seater space is brimming with people, and the staff is hurriedly adding more chairs. Residents Anil Sud, 89, and Seema Sud, 83, are particularly thrilled as they have curated a song sequence—‘60 years of Dev Anand’s life in 60 mins’—to celebrate the legendary actor’s 100th birth anniversary. Anil, the former managing director of EMI/ HMV (now Saregama), reminisces how “HMV made a lot of money from Dev Anand’s films for years togetherâ€æ. Dev’s production house Navketan was the highest royalty earner from HMV”. As songs from his movies start playing, the audience join in, some singing along, many others cheering and hooting.

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