The new perils of smog

Pollution in the air is not just a depressing sight. New science is shedding light on how insidious its impact is on the human body, condemning it to a range of deadly ailments—from COPD to cancer, renal to cardiovascular disease

A view of the polluted air in New Delhi; (Photo: Hardik Chhabra)

Sonali Acharjee

ISSUE DATE: Dec 11, 2023 | UPDATED: Dec 1, 2023 16:45 IST

Every year, as the annual poisonous haze begins to descend on the National Capital Region, Sujata Sen whisks out her N95 masks and turns on air purifiers in every room, including in the loos. She has invested Rs 1.5 lakh on a system that regulates the air quality inside the house. Indoor plants soak up the rest of the stray pollutants hanging about in the air.

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